Audrey Cannon

About the Artist

—— Photography

Photography helps me feel grounded in the world that is constantly spinning. In my work I am searching how to be directly indirect. I want to show people how I see the world, while still keeping some secrets for myself and I want viewers to feel the quiet mysteries that I set before them.

I am interested in compositions that show a quiet or intriguing moment. A moment that someone has looked over.

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Artist’s Statement

My silver gelatin and color photographs focus on street photography. I am interested in compositions that show a quiet or intriguing moment. A moment that someone has looked over. My process is quiet and contemplative and I often go shooting alone. When wandering among the neighborhoods of Dover, my intimate process gives me the desire to be intentional and aware when I am shooting. If I’m distracted in any way, I might miss a fleeting opportunity; shadows only stay in one place for so long.

These compositions explore how an object interacts with different aspects of the environment, like how each shadow came to be and what circumstances allow it to exist. Every line and curve contribute to creating geometric shapes that let the viewer’s eye move around the photo. All the information in these photographs use light to balance the compositions. The way the light interacts with its environment is incredibly special and spontaneous to me. A bush in a front garden is suddenly elevated by how the light is hitting it, casting a glow around its leaves, but there are only a few seconds to capture the scene before the light changes again.

The scenes that I stumble upon make me wonder who was here before me. With that sense of curiosity and sensitivity, the images turn into a portrait of these different neighborhoods. My imagery is inspired by Andy Smith aka “Andy’s Eyes”, who creates minimalist and intimate compositions of found objects and architecture. I am searching how to be directly indirect; there is presence with absence. I want to bring attention to the essence of a community while still keeping an observer’s distance. I try to show what I see and be up front about it, but there is something that is held back. The relationship I have with my subject matter is always personal and inspired by awe. My photos are secrets that only I know the true meaning to. However, there are feelings of familiarity and understanding. This allows the viewers to stay engaged and create their own meaning in the mundane through the allure of mystery.